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About us

We are The Bootleggers, a group of anonymous night owls who have visited and reviewed more than 100 (and counting) cocktail bars in Taipei and the rest of the world. With the desire to recognize the blooming mixology scene of Taipei, our main goal is to promote and encourage the many professionals who make Taipei’s nightlife such a wonderful experience. We care about the quality and consistency of the drinks, the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, and the comfort of the venue itself. Our selection includes the most exclusive bars and the most eccentric speakeasies Taipei has to offer.

Proud to present you The Bootleggers List, the Top 10 Cocktail Bars in the City.


If you own a business and would like to be reviewed or if you have any business inquiry, you can contact Almen via email: amunsellck@gmail.com or contact the team via Facebook.

Did you get paid to promote these bars?

No. We wanted to recognize the amazing mixology scene of Taipei, the bars are being reviewed anonymously and we did not receive any special treatment.

Is this list sorted?

No. It is not. All these 10 bars are equally amazing. There is no Top 1 or Top 10.

Why only 10 bars?

Limiting the list to 10 bars is purely deliberate. We want to help you choose, and not overwhelm you with hundreds of options.

Why these bars? What were your criteria?

There are bars for any taste and mood. We agreed on focusing on 3 areas: the quality of the drinks (we need to be able to recognize the base and feel complexity and layers. The cocktail needs to be creative or meet the customer expectations), the friendliness of the staff (a bartender needs to be able to listen and recommend the customer, at least, and be available for conversation), and finally the quality of the venue (not too crowded, cleanliness, noise level, other customers behaviors, …).

Which bars did you visit?

More than one hundred. Here is the list: