• Average drinks: 300+
  • Japanese bar
  • Plenty of tiny and strange animals to play with, turles, chameleon and birds

Animal 鳥小屋 is not your typical Japanese bar on 林森北路. Linsen north road is famous for its jiǔdiàn and japanese bars, but Animal is something else. Your host, Akuruji Aku, is not from Japan, but his Japenese would make you doubt that. Akuruji, French bartender, used to work in Osaka, and has recently opened his own bar in Taipei.

What makes Animal 鳥小屋 unique is the unexpected company. You will be welcomed by a couple of friendly birds that might end up flying on your table as you savoring your drink. In the back, you will find two turles slowly enjoying their food, and a chameleon climbing a tiny tree in the terrarium.

The ambiance is cosy. You will find few couches, and swig chairs. The place is quite, charming and relaxing. As for the drinks, as in any Japanese bar, you will find a selection of whisky and a set of classic cocktails.

Animal 鳥小屋 opens late, and is the perfect last step after a long night of drinking.

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