• Average per drink: 300nt (light pour)
  • Asia's first full “cocktails on tap” bar
  • Standing room only

Think of Draft Land as the pub you’d go with friends or coworkers for a quick pint, but instead of beer, you’ve got yourself a small selection of ready-made cocktails to pick (and sample) from. The menu took inspiration from Jerry Thomas's 1862 classic "Bar-Tender's Guide" (a.k.a. the first cocktail book in America), and features 4 main drink categories—the Fizz, Cobbler, Punch, and Classic Cocktail. If you’re looking for quick service and the opportunity to easily sample different cocktails, Draft Land is the place you’d want to check out. But do note that while the drinks are cheaper than most “fancy” bars, the portion sizes are actually a bit smaller than most places.

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