We had Perry Chang, organizer of Gin & Tonic Day in Taiwan (see our report) and owner of Ginspiration, a Gin-specialized bar who made it to our Top 10 bars in Taipei, answer some of our questions.

TBLL: Why did you decide to organize this event?

I was inspired by Gin Day, hosted by "Bartender.it". I was thinking, could it be possible to host an event like this? more casual more life style. Not like conservative bar show. Because I love this industry very much, I wished I could work as a bartender for my whole life. Therefore I wanted to create a better environment for those who are willing to make bartending their career. I had worked as a part time bartender in Indulge, as a salesman and brand ambassador of spirits company.

I discover there is a big gap between bartenders & consumers. Since white spirit companies usually don't have that much budget, it's hard for them to educate consumers directly. It is something I wanted to fix. They usually educate bartenders and hope them can educate consumers. But most bartender are not brand ambassador and might not have that much passion to introduce every single brands to consumers and find out which ones are suitable for the consumers. Usually they just murmur that consumers don't know much. Indeed, consumers don’t know that much, they're not professionals.

That's why I wanted to host an event that not only the industry actors could join. Normal consumers should be involved. Consumers are understanding, and are usually happy to pay a bit more to try something different, not always the same common gins. This is beneficial for the brands, the bars and the bartenders. Gin & Tonic is an easy cocktail to drink, but it’s also a great drink to discover and understand the versatility and subtitlity of each gin.

TBLL: What’s the story of Gin & Tonic Day in Taiwan?

The first year (note from TBLL: this is the 3rd year) was an experiment. But the feedback from attendance made me confident. At that time, I was still working for G'Vine.

For the second year, I just open my Gin bar, "Ginspiration". I wanted more people enjoy Gin and also to introduce my newly open bar to all the gin lovers.

This year, I’m happy more brands could join us. We made the event larger, more globalized while still staying local. We have invited actors of the industry from different countries.
We hope to make this event a must-go gathering in Asia.

TBLL: What was your favorite thing about this event?

My favorite thing was the opportunities and the hospitality. I’m very thankful to all the people who supported me. So please to see different people from different areas working together.

TBLL: What about next year?

For next year, stay tuned. I believe we can improve. We can do better, more interesting and more international. We hope we can gather even more people to have fun with us next year, to celebrate the Gin & Tonic Day in Taiwan, in Asia.

TBLL: Thank you Perry.

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