As briefly mentioned in our Zhēn review, the original Ounce held a very special place in our memory mostly for the intimacy it represented. After relocating to their new & more spacious home on Xinyi Road, Ounce continues to deliver quality cocktails in a similar speakeasy setting, though it does feel a bit different from the Ounce we’re used to visiting. However, when compared to the average bar in Taipei, Ounce definitely stands out among the bunch. We’d still recommend the place if you’re looking for a “chill” place to drink in Xinyi.

If the bar is full, within walking distance you’ll also find Digout, R&D, Sidebar (gin), PUN (speakeasy), 榕 RON (always packed), Larriere-cour 後院 (whisky), and Bar Between 架橋 (Japanese bar), all in a 5-minute radius.

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