"A perfect combination of funky cocktails and exquisite fusion cuisine."

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By The Bootleggers List - Taipei 2019. The Top 10 cocktail bars in town.

People say it’s a restaurant with delicious cocktails, but we’d argue that it’s an incredible bar
 that happens to have the most talented cook! Run by Hong Kong-born celebrity chef Kin, Longtail has some of the best original dishes and smartly crafted cocktails in town. We strongly recommend ordering as many starters as you can (don’t miss the shrimp sliders!) to explore chef Kin’s pallet of interesting food combinations. That said, the cocktails here are as extraordinary as the food. Longtail’s Penicillin will guide your taste bud through a philosophical meditation of layers, while Midnight Oil will show you the art of controlled complexity. The staff is another reason which keeps us coming back - they always remember our names and what we ordered last time!

Where to eat

Eat at Longtail.

Private room
Classy and cosy atmosphere
Amazing food…
… and incredible cocktails.

Design: Yi-Hsuan Li